The Financial Conduct Authority regulates some 35,000 entities many of whom provide general insurance services in some form or other, so what makes us different:

  • Empathy
    We enjoy learning about businesses, but we also want to understand you, your appetite to risk and want to service your insurance needs in a manner that works for you.
  • Personal service
    We are not a call centre, but are individuals who wish you to feel we are part of your team. You can pick the phone up with a query or ask for a meeting and you know who you will speak with. We want to understand the history of your insurance policies and believe that we should be making the administration of your insurances as easy and efficient as possible for you.
  • Price and value
    We seek to deliver you value by reducing your total cost of risk. A key measure here is your premium which must be competitive. Other aspects include your excess, the breadth of cover you enjoy and understanding what isn’t insured, your internal costs for administering your risks, the quality of your insurer and their willingness to pay your claims.
  • Technical Insurance Knowledge
    We have significant technical knowledge across the wide array of commercial, personal and professional classes of insurance.
  • Access to insurance products / policies
    We have more than 70 agencies with insurers giving us access to many thousands of policy types. Over and above this we also have access through our broking partners to many more, including some exclusive schemes that are not available to other insurance brokers.
  • Insurer relationship
    Although we can access the simpler products on-line, allowing speedier turnaround of quotations and issuance of policy documentation, we also believe that having personal relationships with trading underwriters and the senior management of insurance companies enables us to get better solutions for our clients, whether it be improvement in the premium, cover or expediting settlement of a claim.

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Ross Insurance Group’s first action was to sit down with me and listen. They really wanted to understand our business to ensure that they were considering the appropriate solutions for us. Ross Insurance Group provided a highly suitable Fleet Vehicle policy that gave us the flexibility we needed for our business and the drivers within it. They did this whilst also saving us over 20% on our yearly premium. We would love to be one of your happy customer testimonials.
Director, Plumpro Ltd

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