We provide insurance broking services and risk advice to many types of clients including:

  • Private clients who have a UK address
    Home, Motor and travel
  • Commercial or professional businesses that are:
    UK domiciled
    We can service and advise on UK headquartered entities who have foreign based assets or global risks.
    We can service and advise on UK based subsidiaries of non-UK headquartered entities

We will seek clarity from you as to your perceived risks and requirements so that all policies we provide meet your demands and needs.

Our solutions will ensure that:

  • The premium including taxes as applicable and our commission and / or fees are competitive
  • The cover together with any excesses is apposite and commensurate with your risks
  • You understand your risks and what you can do to mitigate them
  • The administration involved in management of your risks and insurance programme is minimised and efficient.

Risk management
Whatever the size, nature or location of a business it will face operational, strategic and regulatory risks.  Furthermore the dynamics of the business environment makes it harder for companies to ensure they comply with the ever changing demands to protect their business both now and in the future. Risk management has become a fundamental requirement of good management in every aspect of all business and is practiced at all levels. Effective risk management can help to reduce exposure to preventable losses and can result in lower insurance premiums. Therefore we suggest programmes aimed at targeting those areas where investment will reduce claims activity and overall insurance costs. In addition to our own services we have access to consultants with capabilities in the following areas:

  • property control risk surveys
  • business continuity planning
  • health & safety audits
  • environmental impairment
  • risk analysis/profiling
  • driver training.

Claim service
Many businesses take a proactive approach to managing risk but no matter how effective these protocols are, claims may arise and it’s crucial they are dealt with efficiently and fairly. We understand that even the smallest claims can be a worry and a hassle and so our claims service is designed to get all our clients’ claims resolved as quickly and fairly as possible. It is important to notify your claim at the very earliest opportunity, as any delay could affect the acceptance of your claim or lead to greater loss or damage.  Some policies require direct reporting to the insurer and others via ourselves.  All details on how to make a claim will have been included within your policy documentation.  If you are unsure please do not hesitate to contact us.

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I am writing in praise of Mark and the team at Ross Insurance Group. Mark asked me quite a few questions about my business and then he surprised me by telling me I was paying too much for insurance and for too much cover for the wrong sort of things. I am now covered more appropriately and for about one third less than I have been paying for years.
Director, Utility Warehouse

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