Financial Advisers

We enjoy extensive access to the Professional Indemnity markets. Our clients range from small independent advisers to some of the largest firms.

We have considerable experience in looking after the Professional indemnity and other insurance needs of Financial advisers.

Although the Professional indemnity market for Financial advisers insurance is very limited, we enjoy access to and long term relationships with all the main underwriters.  Our clientele ranges from small independent advisers to some of the largest firms  and we tailor cover to their individual needs. Our claims handling expertise is well honed and caters for all eventualities including S166 investigations.

Whilst Professional Indemnity is the prime requirement for Financial advisers insurance, we also commonly assist with other insurance requirements including:

  • Office insurance
  • Directors and Officers liability insurance
  • Beneficial introductions/ referral arrangements

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Ross Insurance Group’s first action was to sit down with me and listen. They really wanted to understand our business to ensure that they were considering the appropriate solutions for us. Ross Insurance Group provided a highly suitable Fleet Vehicle policy that gave us the flexibility we needed for our business and the drivers within it. They did this whilst also saving us over 20% on our yearly premium. We would love to be one of your happy customer testimonials.
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